Buildings should ideally be washed every 2 years. Repainted every 8 to 10 years.

Window Wash

Washing windows is not just the cleaning of the glass, washing includes the frame and the surrounds such as reveleals.

Clean windows is not only pleasant to see, it is essential for maximising light transfer.

A properly cleaned window is not easily achieved, Cleaning of the glass is one thing but the cleaning of the window frame is also necessary. Often we observe windows that have had the glass cleaned with total diregard to the surrounding frame, the cleaning of the frame will help keep any moving parts of the window in good working order. properly functioning windows is important to achive good ventilation of the interior of the building.

Pesty cleans glass in an unconventional manner, in the past, i used lanbs wool to apply liquid soap and then squeegee the glass, this cleaned the windows glass in a reasonable manner, however, I found that the glass cleaning had a limited durability, meaning that the glass needed recleaning within weeks.

I have now adopted a new method of cleaning that is a lot more time consuming but the results are astonishing.

I now scrub the glass with a bristle brush when applying the soap, the soap I use is a mixture that I make up that is PH neutral and has no environmental impact. This method polishes the glass.

By polishing the glass, the glass retains an attractive shine, clarity of the glass is exceptional and the best benefit is that the glass retaines it's cleanliness for much longer. 

The reason I needed to develop an improved method of cleaning glass is the fact that my daughters business in Miranda, NSW has a lot of glass, my task has been to keep all this glass clean, I found that I was constantly cleaning the glass as the cleaning was simply not as durable as I would desire, once I worked out a way to polish the glass, I now have a much easier way of cleaning the glass and retaining the glass in immaculate condition. Any finger prints are easily wiped off the glass with little effect on the overall need for frequent reclean of the glass.

I have found that windows I have washed are noticably cleaner even if a repeat wash in a timely manner has not been possible, particularly noticeable where windows are hard to access; 

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Washing of windows varies with each property, some windows simply can not be accessed due to security bars or lack of reasonable, safe access.


Glazed door set cleaned, the glass retains a durable sheen.  

 Clean windows or glass is vidually appealing, clean glass improves poeples mood.

 Cleaned door set.

 Glass is washed and scrubbed with a bristle brush prior to use of squeegee.

 High set glass windows can be washed from ground level, although with a much higher degree of difficulty.  

Clean glass makes a huge difference for the buildings occupants, also increases the street appeal of the building generally.

I have washed glass balustrades that had not been cleaned for over a decade, incedible to observed to rejuvenation. 

Glass balastrades are simply spectacular when the glass has been washed and polished in an appropraite manner. 

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