Buildings should ideally be washed every 2 years. Repainted every 8 to 10 years.


Australia has three termite types - dampwood termites, drywood termites and sub-terranean termites

The importance of the correct identification of the termite species by a termite control professional is essential as some termite species will not cause damage to buildings or other timber in service, many termite species are grass eaters or will be found only in trees. In rare occasions these termite species may be found in buildings but this is considered abnormal and if found damage has been noted to be insignificant.

Dampwood termites commonly attack distressed or dead trees, decaying stumps or damp timber in the ground. They are rarely found in dry timbers in buildings. They generally establish small independent colonise that are localised.

Drywood termites primarily are found in tropical areas, where the atmospheric humidity is normally above 75 percent. The West Indian drywood termite has been introduced to Australia and is considered to be extremely destructive, this Termite species has been located in NSW in the past and undetected colonies may still exist. When found specialised eradication procedures are needed which may involve wrapping the entire building in plastic and using methyl bromide fumigation. When found the appropriate government authorities need to be informed.

Sub-terranean termites cause major structural timber damage to buildings. Sub-terranean termites cause a large majority of structural timber pest damage found in homes in NSW.



Australian Standard 3660 Protection of Buildings from Subterranean Termites - Prevention, Detection and Treatment of Infestation is available from Standards Australia - telephone Sydney 9746 4700

Australian Standard 4349.3 Inspection of Buildings. Part 3: Timber pest inspections is available from Standards Australia - telephone Sydney 9746 4700.

Australian Termites by P Hadlington. This is an excellent book on Termites and Termite Control. Available from the Co-Op Bookshop - telephone Sydney 9325 9600. You can use your credit card and have them mail it to you.

Urban Pest Control in Australia by P Hadlington & J Gerozisis. The industry text book for over 30 years. Recent edition available from the Co-Op Bookshop - telephone Sydney 9325 9600.

Wood-destroying Insects, Wood Borers and Termites, by J.W. Creffield. An excellent publication from CSIRO Publishing - telephone Melbourne 9662 7666. Credit card facility available.

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