Buildings should ideally be washed every 2 years. Repainted every 8 to 10 years.


SWOBE no longer provides Termite Control of active termites. Still carrying out a degree of Curative and/or preventative measures.

Termite Control is generally complex requiring specialist skills combined with specialist equipment and appropriate chemicals.

Too often property owners are led to believe one particular system is superior over another or that one particular method of control will provide you with ongoing protection. When it comes to termites there is no silver bullet and there is no one size fits all.

Every property is different, every property has a different set of circumstances that needs to be taken into account and every property generally has a different environment.

For effective termite control so many considerations need to be made prior to determining what will be the most applicable termite control method or methods to be used and what additional works are needed to minimise the future ris of termite infestation.

Stephen Koelewyn proprietor of SWOBE has a skill set that is unique and can provide a real benefit to property owners when considering termite control.

SWOBE Inspection Video from Stephen Koelewyn on Vimeo.

Addition of Walk-n-Talk Video™ to written reports is unique. Video is an eye opener, it exposes the good, the bad and the ugly, really makes people more knowledgeable, you get to see much of what the inspector has seen, also within the roof & under the house, with video you can make your own decisions in a well informed manner, raw vision can be viewed again and again. I also add a verbal summary and verbal conclusion with every video, giving a good, grounded perspective on the property inspected.



SWOBE is not a big fan of termite baiting systems as stand alone termite treatment option although they are essential in controlling termites in numerous situations and can never be overlooked, when considering a termite baiting program and/or a termite interception program one needs to be fully aware that these programs alone will not provide long term protection against termite attack, they are very good at providing effective control of a termite infestation that has been attracted to the baiting stations yet a possibility always exists that additional termite activity from another nest may be causing further unknown damage, these systems rely heavily on periodic inspections and in some cases can take up to a number of years to provide effective longer term termite control. The cost of these termite baiting systems together with the cost of the ongoing inspections can be very expensive for a property owner and all the pro's and con's need to be taken into account before deciding to go down this path of termite control.

SWOBE has motorised backpack sprayer for efficient chemical application

SWOBE  has all the appropriate equipment in vehicle for effective Pest Control

SWOBE carries a large range of chemicals for various pest applications

SWOBE DoseMatic chemical application equipment minimises risk of chemical spillage and ensures accurate chemical mixture rates together with accurate chemical flow rates with minimal risk to the environment, no large tanks of mixed chemical are used by Ausinspect.

SWOBE  foam application equipment provides us with a means to apply chemicals effectively to voids and other areas that can not be treated effectively be conventional means, our foaming equipment enables us to apply large volumes in accord to chemical label application rates where applicable rather than relying on small volume cans of foam.

SWOBE  has the tools for the job, we generate our own power for frilling to exterior of structures, we carry jackhammers and drills that give us the ability to cut openings and drill holes when and where needed at a moments notice. We also carry termite above ground baits for immediate application, Sentricon II and Nemesis Baits, where Exterra is considered the preferred control method we will refer the job to a pest control colleague who is Exterra approved as we choose no longer to install Exterra Baits and Interception.

SWOBE  has the appropriate spray equipment to apply chemicals in the most efficient manner

AUSINSPECT maintains a wide range of equipment that is ready to use, we believe that some of our equipment is unique, we believe that we are best equipped business to carry out a wide range of pest and asset maintenance jobs, at SWOBE we are of the opinion that a large portion of our turnover should be reinvested in good quality equipment and technology to truly benefit out clients in the future - our clients are our future.

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