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SWOBE provides Sub-Floor Solutions on a limited basis - Sub-Floor Solutions now rebranded.

The sub-floor (crawl space under buildings) is an area in the building that is generally neglected as this is often a forgotten void/s that can be hard to access and it can often be difficult to find suitable contractors that are willing to carry out serious work within this area due to the degree of difficulty involved.

Due to the lack of contractors that specialise in the sub-floor areas, the alternatives often involve using either plumbers or pest controllers to carry out repairs in this area, these repairs are often partial and do not necessarily provide a total solution or deal with the source of a poor sub-floor environment.

Stephen Koelewyn has been working hard on carrying out self funded Research & Development to deal with many of the sub-floor related issues in buildings, Steve has now developed a "Sub-Floor Ventilated Ground Cover" register as an innovative patent in June 2015.

Many building defects and/or problems originate as a direct result of the condition of the sub-floor, the most concerning being that if certain conditions exist within a sub-floor then the conditions within a building can prove to be a real health hazard to the long term occupants of that building.

Sub-Floor Solutions primarily carries out building services and structural pest management services to improve the environment around and under buildings, primarily to improve the habitable environment within a building and deter termite activity.

Stephen Koelewyn is a licensed builder, licensed pest controller and is tree qualified - Steve has now redirected all his resources to provide a service that has a real lack in the current market place, it would be more comfortable for Steve to increase his consultancy service only, but due to the market need Steve has decided to re-establish his Sub-Floor Solutions that was very successful in the past and due to the extreme physical demand and a high demand of his pre-purchase inspections, was reduced to a small number of sub-floor jobs a year.

Sub-Floor Solutions - what do we mean and what do we do. 

Does your building have a musty smell internally? A musty smell is often caused by poor ventilation, the musty smell can often be associated to suspended fungal spores in the air within the dwelling, fungal spores are suspected of being one of the possible triggers that can initiate respiratory problems in persons that may have a respiratory sensitivity as is the apparent case for some asthma sufferers. Steve has carried out a lot of research and development into improving buildings that are sometimes referred to as having "sick building syndrome", although Steve has explored many of the methods to reduce respiratory triggers such as dust mite control within the dwelling he has found that the interior can be serviced by many cleaning or painting contractors etc'. The sub-floor area is often totally neglected by building owners and can be the origin of many problems within a building and therefore Steve has realised a need to provide Sub-Floor Solutions.

Steve has found that many of the recommendations that he has made and/or continues to make in the reports he provides are not carried out and/or are only partially carried out by his clients, he has been advised on numerous occasions by his clients and/or associates that this is mainly due to a lack of suitable contractors that are readily available and willing to carry out this type of work and therefore Steve has decided to once again provide the services of Sub-Floor Solutions.

Sub-Floor Solutions is a generally specialised service. 

The sub-floor has a significant influence on the internal condition of a building and therefore a good environment within the sub-floor will generally mean healthier living within the habitable areas of the building.

The condition of the sub-floor is affected by many variants and therefore to improve the environment under a building, the surrounds and the exterior of the building often need to be altered.

To improve the environment under a building it is often necessary to undertake major alterations to the existing landscape, site drainage and amenity around the building. The costs involved can be quite high and therefore each and every job needs to be designed and quoted individually. 

Steve has decided to currently concentrate on providing this service to the Southern Suburbs of Sydney.

This page will be developed further with links to individual pages on - Sub-Floor Ventilation, Deterring Termite Damage, Post-Construction Termite Solutions, Tree Root Barriers, Tree Stump Removal, Timber Retaining Wall Replacement.

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