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SWOBE has been carrying out inspections since 1992, the intent of this page is to highlight some common issues that often are found to either deter a purchaser and/or prompt a significant reduction in the eventual price paid for a property.

Property owners will often get advice from Agents, Interior Designers, Landscapers etc' as to improving the visual appeal of a property that is to be sold, this together with good photography can add appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.

However, as is often the case, the issues that could cause a potential purchaser to reconsider his intent to purchase will often be the hidden issues, those details that can not be readily observed visually, areas that that are not commonly accessed.

These hidden details will often cause significant distress to the vendor, the vendors agent and the prospective purchaser.

As a vendor, the general intent is to get the maximum price for the asset you are selling, it is in your best interest to present the property in the best light possible by preparing a property for sale.

A fresh coat of paint, clean carpet and a few new plants are not always enough, Ausinspect believes that additional consideration needs to be given to those areas that are commonly out of sight and out of mind. Areas that have not been maintained over time can come back to bite by potentially causing a major reduction in price of the property.

Sub-Floor Areas

The inspection of the sub-floor areas commonly causes the greatest concern, this is the area under the building, many faults are commonly observed within a sub-floor area, faults that can have a significant impact on the overall condition of the building, the internal environment of the building and the durability of the structure.

Carrying out works to improve the sub-floor environment can significantly improve the appeal of a given property even though these improvements will not be readily recognised.

The sub-floor areas often need to be properly cleared of all debris, ventilation improved, drainage improved and access openings made. These are all works that Ausinspect can carry out together with appropriate inspections.

Stephen Koelewyn has developed a way of altering the ground matrix within the sub-floor environment that minimises the favorable conditions for fungal growth over soil surfaces within a sub-floor, it is the fungal growth that contributes to musty odours often observed within buildings.

Leaking Showers

Leaks to the surrounds of shower recesses is considered to be the most common building defect, it is prudent to have the shower recess checked for leaks, any evidence of moisture penetration to surrounding areas needs to be repaired. In many cases, a relatively cheap repair such as that provided by the likes of Mega-Sealed is adequate to stop leaks without having to renovate the entire bathroom, Mega-Sealed has a web site  on average the costs are around $550 per shower recess. This is often considered to be money well spent prior to selling.

Pest Inspection/Termite Control

It is very important to have a Structural Pest Inspection carried out prior to putting the property on the market.

A Structural Pest Inspection will commonly identify areas conducive to termites, as many of these conducive detail as possible should be altered where possible. The structural pest inspection will also highlight areas where at least a partial termite chemical treatment should be considered.

Termites are often blamed for losing a sale

SWOBE carries out Pest Inspections, full pest control services and necessary building works

Stumps/Plant Overgrowth

Stumps and plant overgrowth need to be removed where possible, it is amazing how many properties have stumps with termite damage as part of the natural decay process.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls around a given property need to be assessed and repairs carried out if needed and where possible.


Guttering needs to be cleaned.

Often the replacement of guttering can prove to be a viable option, it will improve the visual appeal of the property and improve drainage of stormwater.

Guttering generally is cheap.

Property Drainage

Property drainage can be a serious issue, many drainage issues can not be readily improved  due to high costs or major disruptive works but efforts to improve drainage where possible can prove to make a big difference.

SWOBE can help prepare a property for the purpose of sale by providing advice through pre-sale inspection and by carrying out a wide range of building & pest related works.

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