SWOBE has a Rock Cutter for quiet excavation of rock and concrete with minimal vibration.

Rock Cutters are also known as Twin Headers or RoadHeaders or Rock Grinders - To view some videos of similar equipment from other sites on the internet click here

Our Rock Cutter is the first of it's kind in Australia, Stephen Koelewyn has gone well beyond the conventional with this piece of equipment, he now has a piece of equipment that is easy to transport from site to site, can access any area under 1950mm high and 1300mm wide.

Considering excavation under a building or digging a pool in rock or just need to break up concrete then you may want to give us a call. We primarily service the southern areas of Sydney.

Steve hits concrete with the Montabert CUT-20 mounted on his Avant 635 loader.

The Twin Header Concrete Cutter goes through the concrete with little resistance and virtually no vibration to the surrounding areas.

Our Avant 635 is an ideal machine for carrying the Twin Header Rotary Concrete Cutter as the machine has an extendable boom that allows for controlled reach and the Avant 635 articulates to the centre of the machine giving precise side to side action, the machine weight proves to be ideal in providing cutter with plenty of down force on the work face.

Within minutes a trench can be cut in the reinforced concrete, minimal dust was generated and noise levels of the cutting process were less than the noise of the revving Avant 635

The Avant 635 remains totally stable even when fully articulated and the boom is fully extended together with the Montabert Cut-20 Twin Header Rotary Rock Cutter, we are able to easily cut rock and concrete to heights of 4 meters, this on a machine that is only 1300mm wide is a considerable advantage and allows access where other larger machines can not be considered.

The Montabert Cut-20 Twin Header Rotary Rock Cutter hits rock, Sydney, Australia has sandstone containing Quartz and sediments that have differing degrees of hardness, the rock cut in this instance is of medium hardness, the chipping of the rock was like a walk in the park, the rock cutter milled this rock with ease, not the Avant 635 machine was on a considerable incline at the time of operation.

Excavation through 120mm concrete and underlying rock for new drain pipes cut to depth in minutes, all excavated material is milled rock and concrete that can be reused for backfilling around the pipe, using the Montabert Cut-20 Twin Header Rotary Rock Cutter has proved to be far superior to the use of a hydraulic hammer, the surrounding concrete has no fracture cracks due to vibration, existing inground services can be readily exposed with significant less risk of damage to the existing services and nearby brick structures were not exposed to any vibration at the time of concrete and rock cutting.

With 50+ Rock picks installed on the Twin Header of the rock cutter the efficiency of this machine is truly impressive.

We have been advised by the Montabert Sydney distributor, Attachments Australia, that this is the first Montabert CUT-20 to be sold in Australia. The Avant Importer/Dealer located at 9 O'Neil Street, Unanderra NSW (+61-2-42726853) advises that this type of attachment has never been used on this type of machine. As far as we are aware the Twin Header Rotary Rock Cutter has not been used commercially on any Skid Steer or Loader machine in the world.

I sought information on this type of attachment from around the world, I narrowed my choice down to a Simex or a Montabert, the delivery times of Simex were some 6-8 weeks, Montabert was readily available ex Melbourne, having owned a Montabert Hydraulic Hammer for many years now, I was comfortable with the brand - my final choice was to purchase a Montabert. It would appear that all the Rotary Cutter attachments are so close in specifications that it is possible that all cutters are actually manufactured in only one or two plants somewhere in Europe.

In our search for a solution to particular problems I have encountered when carrying out repairs or making improvements under buildings as part of my Sub-Floor Solutions, whether it be for underpinning of foundations work, termite work or excavation of basements, this added equipment provides me with an ideal solution to unique circumstances, this equipment in addition to my Vacuum Excavator, Pest Control Rig, Hammers, Auger, Grapple Bucket, Excavator, Stump Grinder, SkippyBAG etc' gives me unique abilities where others simply can not provide a similar service. All this is in addition to a vast knowledge base and experience as I am constantly inspecting building on a day to day basis.

My efficiency is key to my success, I maintain a variety in my daily workload that enables me to be in an out of jobs, I seek to take on a task and finish the task promptly rather than have heaps of bits I need to attend to later, I write my reports at night so I am free to play all day.

I seek to have the ability in future to be more efficient at excavating under buildings for addition of a garage or a basement, home cinemas and the like, this will provide people with a real improvement of their property and their life style. Having been in the building Industry for over 30 years and being involved in the Pest Industry since childhood, these changes of direction are only slight variations to where I've been and where I am currently at.

Stephen Koelewyn will always reinvest his hard earned income back into equipment and advances to the Building and Pest Industries, a tradesman with the right tools for the job will generally provide cost effective, quality work.

I hope  that this page of my web site, and my web site as a whole, has been informative. I would appreciate the opportunity to be considered as an option to provide various services on your next building project.

Our Avant 635 is readily transportable on our trailer float that is attached to our 10 tonne tipper giving us flexibility to go anywhere, anytime with minimal effort. Having such a capable loader together with the capacity of our Tipper gives us a mobile unit that is efficient and cost effective. Our Vacuum excavator is transported on the tray of our tipper.

When working onsite with our Rock Cutter and/or other machinery, we can keep areas clean and tidy at all times by utilising our SkippyBAG in a SkipRACK - both these items have also been developed by Stephen Koelewyn.

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