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SWOBE provides a wide range of pest control services for both residential and commercial premises.

SWOBE undertakes Pest Control in an old fashion manner with a modern twist - it is different - more importantly - it is effective.

SWOBE Commercial Kitchen Clean: Reduces Risk of Fire. Reduces Food Sources for Insects and Rodents, Decrease Wear and Tear of Equyipment, Reduction of Costly Repairs and/or Equipment Replacement.

A Clean building needs less pesticide to achieve effective control.

For any pest control needs, you can give Steve a call on 0418 274 099

Steve is keen and ready to carry out pest control services on short notice.

A tangible benefit in using my pest services, is that, I'm also a licenced builder, when I'm onsite it is a great opportunity to also get some builders advice.

Often, it is necessary to clean prior to carrying out pest control, for example, I carry high pressure cleaner in the van, will undertake some degree of cleaning where necessary prior to applying chemical, I also tend to give the exterior a bit of a sweep from spider webbing and spiders, this is important for chemicals applied to be most effective.

Remember - Cheap work may not be that Good - Good Work, generally, is not that Cheap.

PESTY Pest Services - Indicative Pricing Unit
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Commercial Pest Control
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General Pest Control (cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, carpet beetle, wasps) Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
Bed bugs Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
Bees - We Seek to Relocate - Chemical Control is a last resort. Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
Bird Lice Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
Fleas Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
Funnel Web Spiders Call for quote Call for quote Call for Quote
German Cockroaches Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
Rats Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
Red-back Spiders Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for quote
Termite Control Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
Sub-Floor Reconditioning Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
Periodic Termite Inspection Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
Ticks Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
Wasps Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
White Tail Spiders Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote

I adopt use of appropriate chemical and/or gel application for the given situation, an Integrated Pest Management approach is used to identify pest infestations and determine the most effective control measures applicable to any particular situation.

In some situations where areas to be treated are soiled, it is necessary to clean these areas prior to treatment, I will often seek to do some cleaning prior to application of chemicals for more effective control. If, for example, a kitchen is soiled with grease and scum, then no matter what chemicals are put in place, the target pest will have plenty to feed on without necessarily coming into contact with the applied chemicals. Also to the exterior of the building, areas that are clean are less attractive to pests, the accumulated dirt contains bacteria, mould and the like, numerous insects feed off this type of bacteria and moulds that survive in the accumulated dirt, soiled surfaces commonly increase pest activity, any pesticides applied also need to compete with the bugs and therefore will not be as effective on a soiled surface.

Stephen Koelewyn holds Certificate 4 in Pest Management and Asset Maintenance, together with his broad building knowledge provides a highly qualified and experienced pest manager to service you with any of your pest needs.

A perspective on current day PEST CONTROL

Pest Control plays a vital role in control of pests that is essential for the health and wellbeing of humans.

The fact that Pest Control is essential for human health, our foods and ongoing wellbeing has generally been forgotten or swept aside, unfortunately, these days of mass communication a large proportion of our society is in part simply ignorant to the importance of Pest Control.

In our world of modern day living we undertake many Pest Control activities a day, not giving it a thought or not aware to the fact that our actions are intended to control pests or other harmful organisms. Some examples are:- Brushing our teeth, washing our hands, washing dishes, placing food in the fridge/freezer, washing clothes, showering, cleaning the home we live in etc' and many other examples exist. All these activities are intended to kill off living organisms, if we do not undertake these actions we will experience decay of teeth for example, contamination of food for example or damage to materials. These are arguably all differing manners of PEST CONTROL.

As Urban Pest Controllers we undertake actions, that do include the spraying or use of chemicals, to control those insects or organisms that present a risk to human health or cause damage to human habitat in general terms, we use means to gain appropriate control in a measured manner, hence we are pest controllers and not pest eliminators or exterminators, Pest Control is not about total extermination of a given species accross the board, rather a control of a situation so those insects and organisms that exist in our broader environment can still survive without causing humans harm. The responsible Pest Controller is actually very environmentally aware and normally has a real passion for nature and all that nature has to offer, like myself.

Responsible and measured Pest Control enables us to use limited amounts of chemicals whilst achieving the desired result.

To believe that you are able to maintain a healthy home environment for yourself and your family without some degree of Pest Control is somewhat indicative of ignorance, employing a Pest Control professional from time to time is really beneficial, the Pest Control industry at large is responsible and very aware of your wellbeing. Unfortunately, as with any industry, there are some rouge pest control operators and admittedly it is hard for a consumer to differentiate between the good and the bad, fortunately, the majority of Pest Control Technicians have a real passion for the industry, they have chosen a way of life that is also benficial to society, Pest Control is the type of industry that those that choose the profession can have a pleasant work, life balance.

In the near future I will continue the writing of this page - Stephen Koelewyn

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