Buildings should ideally be washed every 2 years. Repainted every 8 to 10 years.

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July 2022 - SWOBE -Soft wash of Building Elements is an alternative business I have chosen to establish after I got the grim diagnosis of Macula Degeneration in both eyes. 

I have been forced to close down my Ausinspect business that I ran for the last 30 years, Ausinspect primarily focused on Inspections, it is with a heavy heart that I needed to make these hard decisions.

The fact is that as a sole trader, I am actually  just rebranding my businesses from Ausinspect and Pesty to my new entity that will now be SWOBE. Under the SWOBE trading name I can still do building works, some pest control work and other property maintenance.

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Property Rejuvination

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As I have adapted to my eye diagnosis, I have chosen to seek to make life better for others by having an ability to Soft Wash building elements.

What really exites me is my ability to clean glass in a manner that is not normally seen, when people have clean glass, it brightens a persons day, improving the vision of others when mine has now deteriorated means more to me than anything.

You really don't appreciate sight till you start to loose it, all I can do now with my work, is try to make our immediate environemt a little better.


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