Buildings should ideally be washed every 2 years. Repainted every 8-10 years.

Eaves Soffit Wash

SWOBE undertakes the difficult task of soft washing the eaves soffits of buildings where possible.

Important to note: it is not possible to reach all eaves soffit areas of some buildings due to either building detail or high elevation of the eaves soffits, for example, many double storey or triple storey buildings have eaves that are simply not accessible safely unless expensive scaffolding is installed.

Swobe soft washes the eaves soffits with soap together with scrubbing with a bristle brush.

Eaves soffit details are exposed to condensation during varying weather conditions, dew point occurs to the underside of the soffit lining, this moisture is ideal for fungi and/or backteral growth on surfaces, the periodic moisture also aids dirt to bind to surfaces as grime. Eaves soffit details that are along the southern side of the building (southern hemisphere) or over bathroom windows are more prone to soiling. Eaves soffit details face downward and are not exposed to direct sunlight, all contributing factors to soiling of the eaves soffit details over time.;

Soiled eaves soffit linings are unsightly, soiling also promotes fungi/bacterial growth that inturn promotes conditions for pest activity, be it wasps casings, ants, webbing spiders as some examples, this fungi/bacterial growth is also a contributing factor to the dteriration of the paint applied to surfaces., painted surfaces.

A properly washed/polished eaves soffit detail will improve buildings appeal, reduce the conditions for pest activity, less spider webbing for example, prolong the durabilty of the eaves soffit building elements, also makes for a healthier building..

Eaves soffits are hard to clean properly, simply due to the detail being upside down, necessitating to work for long periods overhead. Pesty has developed effective soaps and work methods to enable the cleaning of the soffit details that are accessible in an effective manner.

Swobe is able to soft wash eaves soffit details, as a rule of thumb, all buildings should be washed every 2 years, repainted every 8 -10 years.

People that live in a clea,n uncluttered building, is less prone to depression bsed on recent studies done during Sydney's prolonged lockdowns.

As a property owner/occupier, can you afford a premature deterioration of building elements, tha premature deterioration over time will commonly necessitate repair or replacement of building materials.

Swobe is available to discuss soft wash options to best suit the property.

Swobe  Image 1 - image is an example of condensation that occurs during varying weather conditions to soffit detail.

 Swobe Image 2 - Metal roofing moist with morning dew

 Swobe Image 3 - Image of condensation dew droplets in the morning to soffit of metal roofing

Swobe Image 4 - Same as image 1, note how clean the underside of this metal roofing is, this metal roffing has been in service for over 20 years, still looks new, simply because it has been washed periodically. I washed this soffit over a year ago. 

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