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As a rule of thumb, all buildings should be washed once every 2 years, repainted once every 8 to 10 years.

Building Exterior Wash

SWOBE provides a soft wash to the exterior of buildings, a soft wash with soap is more delicate and a lot more effective that a preassure wash. Pressure washing can be destructive to building elements.

When soft washing the exterior of the building, what are we really achieving.


Nothing compliments a building more than clean glass, SWOBE Soft Wash.

Soft Wash uses soap together with a scrubbing brush, the soap aids to breakdown accumulated grime, kills bacteries and effectively cleans a surface, use of a foaming agent in the soap aids with a good dwell time against the surface, foam is in particular important to kill off bacteria and break the bond of accumulated grime. The added scrubing with a brush agitates the surface for a thurough clean, A good rinse off thereafter leaves the surface clean.

Think of this, when you wash your hands, you use soap to effectively clean and disinfect your hands, washing your hands just with water is not as effective as when you use soap for example.

Most property owners have wroked very hard to afford the building, the building needs ongoing maintenance to retain appearance and/or to prolong the durability of the building materials and/or elements. Can you really afford to neglect the need for timely maintenance, Building elements that are not maintained will often deterirate more rapidly, necessitating costly repairs and/or replacement. Building elements that are really well maintained can easily outlast the life of the buildings owner.

As an example - In China, some public buildings that are constantly maintained due to their significance, religious or social, are over 400 years old, this is generally testament to good, timely maintenance. Japan is also known to have very old buildings.

I have been inspecting buidings as a buklding consultant, in Sydney, for the last 30 years, I nhave been building since 1977, an alarming observation is when you happen to inspect a buoilding that is only 5 years old that has not been maintanced is in poor condition and beyond reasonable repair whilst on the other hand you get to inspect a building that is 50+ years old and is in excellent condition, similar to when it was built.

I try to give people an example with cars, some cars are kept prestine since new and may become a collectors item, whilst most cars are generally considered to have a 5-10 year service life at best.. You don't really see that many older cars on the road these days. 

Washing your most valuable asset is simple common sense, not many engage contractors to wash their house every 2 years, however, car washes are busy businesses. SWOBE has seen first hand over the years what happens to buildings that are poorly built and/or poorly maintained, this inturn has motivated me not only to wash buildings, but to develop techniques that are unique and prove to be very effective.

SWOBE has also found that building we have washed with the soft wash method have a much lesser reinfestation of webbing spiders for example, reason being is that insects find clean surfaces a lot less atrctive due to lack of surface bacterias, course surfaces and other food sources.

Give Steve a call on 0418274099 to discuss any soft wash needs.

Swobe is passionate about clean buildings that are unattractive to pests and provide a healthy environment for buildings occupants. 


The glass balastrade together with a clean van simply shines, SWOBE Soft Wash.


Nothing compliments a building more than clean glass, SWOBE Soft Wash.


Reflection of building elements from side of Soft Washed van, spectacular.


Exterior of buildings when Soft Washed by SWOBE have added street appeal.

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Last modified: 31 July, 2022