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I now choose to focus on Property Rejuvenation Works.

SWOBE will restrict Property Rejuvenation Works to Southern Suburbs of Sydney.

Stephen Koelewyn - 45109c - is a Licenced Builder

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* I no longer carry out property, Building & Pest Inspections

*IWhen appropriate, I will fly a drone over property where possible - Unable to fly during periods of High Wind/Rain or within No Fly Zones.


Maintenance Works

 No Fixed Pricing.

$55 per hour. 

Maintenance Works is a general description used for general Pest Control and/or Washing and/or Cleaning Activities.

Also Washing of colorbond details such as fences and pergolas for example. 



Property Rejuvenation Works and/or General Pest Control

Rejuvenation work normally includes a lot of detail work, given the unique nature of this work, it is not possible to estimate how long it takes to rejuvenate building element/s.

Commonly - as rejuvenation works progress, we will communicate with regard to what can be achieved given degree of current deterioration, the extent of works and/or level of detail and/or limitations on any extra time and/or costs.


Initial Call Out/Setup Price 

   $55 Hourly Rate thereafter

$250 is the initial base call out rate  - hourly rate will be charged at $55 per hour. - Limited to 5 hours of physical onsite work on a given day. 

Any days work generally needs to commence between 8am - 9am

Rates do not include cost plus items that may prove necessary as works progress. Any cost plus items will attract an additonal builders surcharge of 20% as per industry standard.

Property Rejuvenation Works and/or General Pest Control  prices exclude GST.

Likely to prove to be the best value for money spent on the ongoing property maintenance.


  1. I/We are knowingly ordering SWOBE to carry out Maintenance Works

  2. I/we are aware that Payments will be charged to credit card, we need credit card details prior to SWOBE being able to commence works. Credit Card will only be charged upon completion of works or as agreed. For larger or quoted jobs, 20% deposit prior to commencing, progress payments as each stage of works are to be completed.

  3. I/We are aware that all works offered by SWOBE are carried out by myself, Stephen Koelewyn, who is appropriately qualified and experienced to carry out these works, any reports that may need to be provided or providing recommendations are also prepared solely by myself, Stephen Koelewyn. My focus is on giving you, the client, prudent advice with regard to the property where works are carried out. I endeavour to carry out all works in accord to the applicable Australian Standards, it not always possible to fully comply with these standards due to site features and/or restrictions.

  4. I/We are aware that the SWOBE is unable to gain access into areas that are deemed to be inaccessible in accord with AS-4349 and/or to areas that are considered to be unsafe. SWOBE does not climb onto roofing,  the roofs and guttering will be observed from a 3.6 meter ladder and/or from a distance where possible. Copies of appropriate Australian Standards can be purchased from www.saiglobal.com/shop   As Australian Standards are Copyright, I am generally not permitted to reproduce information noted in these standards.

  5. I/we are aware that Stephen Koelewyn is a licenced builder, 45109c, also a licenced Pest Control Operator.

  6. I/We acknowledge that SWOBE can only make recommendations. I/We are aware that any recommendations that are made by SWOBE  will be taken into consideration & acted upon accordingly.

  7. I/We are aware that ony Video Report will be provided with brief written report/s as a  PDF with supporting information, all will be emailed. Video only option does not include written report.

  8. I/We have read and understood the above items. I/We agree to engage the services of SWOBE

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Once all Credit Card Details have been received I will send a reply SMS confirming Inspection Agreement. Only then will access to the property be organised.

*Note*- The Credit Card will not be Charged Till the Works are Completed.

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SWOBE Refund Policy:- SWOBE has a general refund policy with regard to any services provided by SWOBE, where, for any unforeseen reason, a service could not be provided by SWOBE then an appropraite refund shall apply, A cancellation fee would normally apply in those circumstances where a service has been cancelled after property access has been organised, preperation works undertaken and of course for same day cancellations. In those circumstances the refund shall be made, less the applicable cancellation fee (normally $150). SWOBE will make the appropraite refund promptly upon becoming aware of the need to make the refund. The refund will be made in accordance with the mode of payment that was used at the time of order, meaning that if a credit card was used then that credit card will be credited with the refund. Any further questions please contact Stephen Koelewyn 0418274099.

SWOBE Contact Details- 63 Tivoli Esplanade, Como NSW 2226. Ph: 0418 274 099 Web:- swobe.au

SWOBE ABN: 71 870 165 411

SWOBE Privacy Policy:- SWOBE retains client details as per legal requirements, Cardholders details will not be disclosed to any third party other than bank or credit card provider at time of payment/refund.


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