Buildings should ideally be washed every 2 years. Repainted every 8 to 10 years.

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Many buildings have lifts that are frequently used by people, people touch the surfaces around buttons or lean on the lift walls, causing soiling of these surfaces, surfaces that are often stainless steel, most cleaning products for stainless are based on oil base, these oil based cleaners are not ideal for hygiene, often will not clean the surface, rather just apply a oily coating that makes the surfaces appear clean, I take a different approach, I clean the stainless steel in a manner that also disinfects the surfaces, this manner of cleaning often needs to be dome multiple times over a period to achive the ideal results, once the stainless has been properly cleaned, it will generally remain cleaner for longer and necessitate a lot less effort to maintain.

Soft wash of building elements is focused on maintaining building material and finishes to increase durability whilst also increasing the appearance of building elements. This requires scrubbing, washing and a degree of polishing of the elements exposed surfaces.

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Having worked in the building industry in Australia and abroad since 1977, I have accumulated a unique skill set over many years. This inturn has given me an insite as to the importance of maintaining building elements.

Maintenance: Maintenance is key to durability of buildings, is key to health & wellbeing of building occupants, a good soft wash rejuvenates building elements.

Pest Control has been a life long passion, although my vehicle is well equipped to deal with any pest control matter deemed necessary, the ability to thoroughly clean the kitchen, undertake dewebbing, clean rodent run markings, clean flooring/drains for more effective pest control, termite control or inspections can no longer be undertaken. Call Steve for more detail.

SoftWash - Washing of building elements without use of high pressure washer, use of a high pressure washers can be very destructive to building elements, a soft wash not only improves the appearance of a building, but also increases the durability of the building elements, pest control treatments are more effective when combined with soft wash.

Hard Floor Cleaning - A difficult task is to properly clean hard flooring. Breaking through oily residues for example in food preperation areas, commercial toilet floors or cleaning a well worn floor has been  challenging, to say the least, Washing a floor properly improves health and ammenity whilst also improving the floors visual appeal.


Lift Stainless Rejuvination

Stainless Steel is a type of steel with additives such as chromium in addition to the base mild steel, in simple terms, the amount of addatives increase the so called quality of the stainless, differing numbers given to stainless indicates th  type of stainless. regardless, stainless steel typically has more or less chromium, it's the chromium in stainless that creates a protective surface to stainless steel, the more chromium, content, the more durable the protective coating should be. Stainless Steel that looses the protective coating is called active, active stainless steel is prone to corrosion and/or tea staining. Passive Stainless steel has a good chromium protective coating. During manufacture, Stainless Steel is placed in a bath of acid at 400 degrees for say 20 minutes to Pasivate the Stainless, meaning, establishing the protective coating of chromium. Once insitue, the stainless steel will weather and eventurally become active, the difficulty is how to repassivate the stainless when insitue to achieve a passivated surface. 

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Stainless Steel - Most grades of stainless steel are prone to surface discolouration or corrosion over time, tea stains and mild surface rust together with grime build up cause the chromium in stainless steel to loose it's active layer, the stainless steel becomes active. I have a method I use to repassivate the stainless steel, effectively reoxidising the chromium in stainless to form the desired protective layer.

Colorbond Maintenance- Colorbond is a material widely used in buildings, external metal details need ongoing periodic maintenance. Colorbond should be washed with a mild soap then rinsed with water every 6 months according to Bluescope Steel Technical Bulletin 4 for Colorbond, if you want to mantain your colorbond details, I have the ability to provide a soft wash service that will increase the durability of your external colorbond details. Well maintained Colorbond can look good for many years when maintained properly.

Rejuvination - A proper wash & scrub of building elements generally restores components, my rejuvenation works make a huge difference, can be much cheaper than conventional renovation, also more environmentally friendly as materials that last longer generally do not need to be replaced, replacement generally creates debris/waste that inturn commonly goes into landfill.


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